Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer

This is my personal 2012 customized Batman / Superman Dodge Charger. I am so passionate about what I do for the children that I decided to convert my factory 2012 Dodge Charger into the Batman / Superman Dodge Charger. It has taken me several years to be able to put all this together. Now I use it now to take me across the country on my off time from work to see children who have cancer. No matter where I go, children and adults are always wanting to see the car and take pictures with the car. I always make time for anyone that wants to see my car, because of the impact that it has on people. I wanted to honor all the heroes that have lost their battle with cancer or other illnesses so I decided to add their names to my car. On both side of my car you will see the words "REAL HEORES" and underneath that is their names along with the date that they passed away. All of these children have had a large impact on my life and I will do everything I can to help honor their memory.   

2012 "Customized Batman / Superman"

Dodge Charger